Total Eclipse of the Moon

Image Source: Author: Fred Espenak (NASA GSFC)

Site information

Time zone:Las Vegas - Nevada - 8h behind UT


The entire eclipse is visible from this location.

Circumstances of the Eclipse

Moon enters penumbra:2010 Dec 20 21:27:32
Moon enters umbra:2010 Dec 20 22:32:06
Start of totality:2010 Dec 20 23:40:10
Maximum eclipse:2010 Dec 21 00:16:45
End of totality:2010 Dec 21 00:53:22
Moon leaves umbra:2010 Dec 21 02:01:27
Moon leaves penumbra:2010 Dec 21 03:05:53

Magnitude and Duration

Umbral magnitude:1.261
Penumbral magnitude:2.306
Duration of total phase:1h 13m 12s
Duration of umbral phase:3h 29m 21s
Duration of penumbral phase:5h 38m 21s

Moon's Altitude

Moon enters penumbra:60.0
Moon enters umbra:71.3
Start of totality:77.3
Maximum eclipse:74.9
End of totality:69.6
Moon leaves umbra:57.2
Moon leaves penumbra:44.7

Position Angles

Position angles, measured from the north point of the Moon's disk

First contact of penumbra:107.1
First contact of umbra:114.0
Last contact of umbra:256.9
Last contact of penumbra:263.7

Moon in the Zenith

The Moon is in the zenith at the following geographical positions

Moon enters penumbra:2353'N 08400'W
Moon enters umbra:2350'N 09931'W
Start of totality:2347'N 11553'W
Maximum eclipse:2345'N 12440'W
End of totality:2343'N 13328'W
Moon leaves umbra:2339'N 14949'W
Moon leaves penumbra:2336'N 16518'W